A Gap In Life

A Gap In Life

The birth of a child is one of life’s most precious moments.

Yet as special and momentous as the birth of a child is, a huge medical bill from the talented and very necessary people that are involved in the safe delivery of your child can really put a dampener on the moment.

One can be forgiven for thinking that medical aid covers everything medical related. However, in reality, it really is only medical AID. All too often people are left to foot the bills for the shortfall in medical expenses not covered by ones particular medical aid plan.

We were fortunate enough to have both medical aid and gap cover in place for the birth of our children. For our last born, the birth cost R 11,345. Our medical aid covered R 5,766.10 of this bill and we were responsible for the R 5,578.90 balance. We knew our gap cover plan would cover this shortfall and so we paid and claimed it back accordingly with no hassle at all.

Gap Cover in South Africa is a necessity. A minimal charge per month will give you peace of mind should you ever face a major medical shortfall.

The JH Allen team deals with claims on a daily basis for our health and gap cover clients in assisting them in lodging claims and ensuring that the Gap is covered for all sorts of in hospital procedures.

Simplistically, Gap Cover products bridge the gap between what your medical aid is contractually bound to honor and what the ultimate bill is. Gap products have really been built around addressing in hospital shortfalls but various different gap service providers have added on other bells and whistles such as emergency room cover, trauma counselling and extended oncology benefits to name a few.

I encourage you to talk to a JHA Health Broker about initiating a Gap Cover policy or simply to talk about the gap cover you have in place and make sure it still suits your circumstances.

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