Maximise Your Savings!

Maximise Your Savings!


The financial wellness of many South Africans is of concern, especially when coupled with the current unstable economic climate.

South Africa’s high unemployment rate aside, amongst employed South Africans, many are not saving for their future, yet alone for unforeseen immediate expenses.

According to the Bureau for Market Research at UNISA, on average, households earning between R33 334 and R57 333 per month, have no net income available for discretionary savings.

An unplanned expense could result in individuals falling into a debt spiral that could take years to recover from.

If we are serious about our future, we need to start paying attention to our finances. This is an ongoing process which needs to be managed and requires a bit of effort and discipline.

The good news is that it is do-able! Speak to one of our JHA Financial Planners today – we pride ourselves on being able to provide holistic advice that is a culmination of the knowledge pooled together from specialised skill sets.


Top tips from the JHA team:

  • If you are a member of Momentum Health, did you know that you could save on your monthly premium by downgrading your choice of hospital or chronic cover?
  • Coupled with that, the Momentum Multiply programme gives members the opportunity to easily earn up to R1000 in savings for free, every month! These savings could make a huge difference in your discretionary or retirement savings.

Let’s work together to maximise these benefits!