Medical Aid

With the state of our country’s public health system in disarray and the soaring costs of private healthcare, medical aid membership is modern necessity. Medical aid provides the financial means to have access to quality private healthcare. Our staff will assist you and your family in choosing a medical aid plan that will suit your medical needs and your budget.

  • At JH Allen we provide both personal and corporate medical aid solutions. We deal primarily with Discovery Health and Momentum Health as we feel that they currently offer the best medical aid plans on the market.
  • Vitality and Multiply are the wellness programs offered respectively by Discovery and Momentum which offer various rewards to its members. We can assist you in getting the most out of your rewards program in the way of gym, travel and shopping discounts.

JH Allen also offer a range of Gap Cover products. Gap Cover in South Africa is a necessity. Simplistically, Gap Cover products bridge the gap between what your medical aid is contractually bound to honour for in-hospital procedures and what the ultimate bill is. The shortfall can be a significant and unplanned expense.

For further information please contact us on and one of our medical aid specialists will be in touch with you.