Our Team

Back row left to right: William, Yvette, Oliver, Claude, Irene, Hazel
Front left to right: Craig, Portia, Bianca, Katie, Jennifer

“It is a privilege to lead the team at JH Allen & Associates. We are an ethically bound, passionate group of financial, medical and insurance specialists. I love what we do because we have the power to change people’s lives for the better!”Oliver Balcomb

“I am committed to guiding and assisting my clients to set financial goals and take the necessary action to become financially free, nothing looks as good as being financially free feels.” William

“JH Allen & Associates is a business founded on friendship and integrity. As a team, we support each other and put our clients first.”Irene

“JH Allen & Associates is run with conviction and ethics – this is a rarity in our industry!”Katie

“My best is when I am able to assist clients with seemingly impossible claims. I am so committed to fighting for the client that it is rewarding to see my efforts in the client satisfactions when I win for them.”Bianca

“The principles that are applied within the company are in line with my own principles, which makes every day a great day for me.”Craig