Reward Yourself and Claim 2018 As Your Year

Reward Yourself and Claim 2018 As Your Year

As the new year takes off, many of us choose to set targets or goals for the year ahead. The practice of setting goals can be a valuable exercise, if those goals are realistic and sustainable. Financial goals are a common measure of success. How can we improve on the way we spend our money to achieve our dreams?

Below are our 5 tips for getting the most out of 2018:

1. Rewards Programmes – Pick One and Maximise The Benefit
Rewards programmes are very popular and you may subscribe to one or many. While each is worthwhile on their own, the more you subscribe to, the harder it becomes to extract the full benefit from any. Both Discovery and Momentum have excellent rewards programmes; namely Vitality and Multiply respectively. These two rewards programmes offer a tremendous amount of value if you make the effort to understand how they work and if you also work hard at improving your status within each. Both of these programmes focus on one’s wellbeing from a holistic point of view. They have evolved to a point where one can be rewarded financially by becoming healthier, managing one’s money better and living a well-balanced life style.

2. Budget – Know Your Spend
To better manage your funds you need to know where you spend your money. Fortunately in the technology age we live in there are a long list of apps you can download on your phone which at a touch of a button will help you know exactly how you spend your money. The moment you know this, you then have the power to change your spending habits.

3. Save
If you can improve on last year’s spend it should free up some money to build towards your future. To really see the benefit of long term saving one needs to have a defined, measurable and achievable goal. Saving with a purpose is so rewarding when you achieve that goal. Set yourself a goal, visualise it and save towards it.

4. Health
It is often the case that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Make 2018 the year you take charge of your health. Be healthy as a team, challenge your work colleagues to a park run or fitness challenge. Results are so much easier to achieve when you are accountable to those you see on a daily basis.

5. Fun
Re-evaluate why you do what you do. We very quickly get caught up in the rat race of life and forget to put the brakes on and look around. Often by November/December we are feeling burnt out and need a holiday. Possibly we have missed the opportunity to have fun during the year. Fun with friends, family and at work really gives one that added value of one’s purpose. Don’t wait till the holidays to relax and have fun – have a good dose of it all year round. You can plan weekend getaways, team building events, or just prioritise family time and rest so that life is not all work, work , work.

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